Ulusal Turlar


Hata mesajı

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Ulusal Turlar

Ulusal turlar değişim hakkı kazanıp ülkemize gelen incomingler için düzenlenen tüm yerellerimizi kapsayan bir sosyal programdır. Bu program kapsamında ağırlanan öğrenciler ülkemizin gözde noktalarında gerçekleşen kısa turlara yaz ayları boyunca katılım gösterebilirler.Turlar her öğrencinin katılımına imkan vermek için oldukça uygun ücretler karşılığı düzenlenir ve tur süresince devamlı olarak güzel atmosfer korunur. Bu koşulların sağlanması için Ulusal Turlar genel koorditörü ve her bir tur için görevli olan tüm koordinatörler oldukça yoğun bir hazırlık döneminın ardından düzenlenen turlarda bulunarak sorumluluklarını tamamlarlar. Süreç boyunca harcanan emekler sonucunda birçok öğrencimiz kültürmüzü daha yakından gözlemleme fırsatıyla beraber unutulmaz anılar edinir

National Tours

Hello dear incomings!

You’ve already made a big change and decided on an exchange in beautiful Turkey. In addition to the academic perspective the exchange process enriches the medical student with, without a doubt one of the best parts of this process is touring and sightseeing, feeling that country in your bones before everything, witnessing it’s people and doing all this with brand new friends, whom you share the same feelings with, from around the globe. This is where ”“National Tours"
come in to enrich our exchange program.
National Tours are the trips which are organized by national SCOPE – National Tours Working Group of TurkMSIC. Every year, these tours are organized in the most must-see places of Turkey especially in July and August (and if the demand reaches the enough number of participants also in other months). We design our schedule according to your timetable at the hospital and organize our tours at weekends not to make you miss anytime of your clerkship. Our frequent destinations for National Tours are Cappadocia, İzmir, Olympos and Pamukkale
where have fabulous nature and a deep-rooted history.
As you can expect these national tours are for students from all over the world participating in professional and research exchange programs in faculties of medicine across our country during summer months, which will allow them to meet each other –while enjoying every minute
to the fullest-,fall in love with our countries beautiful yet unique sights witness our history and experience our culture
, To sum up, we organize spectacular “National Tours” during which exchange students live the best days of their lives which they won’t be able to ever forget. Moreover, we didn’t disregard our guests during the winter months and organized enjoyable tours- so that they could see the beautiful sights in our country- this year for the first time, despite the small number of students. Even when we couldn’t reach the required number of students, we showed a great example of hospitality when we got in touch with our local exchange officers of cities which our exchange students wanted to visit. During the process of picking out tours and determining their contents, we think of exchange students as tourists visiting our country for the first time who want to see the best places and have lots of fun, learn lots of things with a student’s budget, even though they don’t have much time. Without seeking profit, we try to create the fullest and most applicable programs, with the lowest possible prices
, for our tours. We only wish that our participants bond and have a great time in harmony. We have witnessed that during the course of these tours, strong friendships start and lead to friends visiting each other during their exchange and organizing events after the tour. They gain friends which they may find years later in dozens of countries. They invite us to their countries as well.
In short, while exchange students have a lot of fun, we enjoy ourselves with the joy this friendly atmosphere provides, and most importantly we are filled with courage and feel support to do better work. We wish that the most fun and enjoyable of tours take place in our country which withholds the greatest natural beauties and we, as the National Tours team, continue to provide the memories to make exchange student smile when they go back to their countries.
“To travel is to live”ı
said Hans Christian Andersen who was a famous Danish author of fairy tales. We excitedly invite you to the real fairy tales, to our National Tours. Pack your luggage and join us in this adventure!